"New Tiflis" Hotel Tbilisi

Want to be a part of the capital? 
Our hotel is the very place to start delving into the cultural heritage of Tbilisi.
The hotel offers magnificent views of the capital and opens the door to the historical street.
The restored Agmashenebeli Avenue the “New Tiflis” hotel is located on, which stands out for its entertainment places, gardens and architecture promises an unforgettable holiday.
The service of our highly qualified hotel staff will make you feel comfortable. 


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"New Tiflis Terrace"

In "New Tiflis Terrace" you can enjoy masterpieces of the Georgian and European cuisine and the magnificent views.
The open terrace of the restaurant overlooks the cross point of the old and modern Tbilisi where different architectural styles rub shoulders.
The panoramic view of the historical districts and recently developed slopes open up in front of you.
A team of our professionals will help you in choosing the most delicious dishes and vintage wines. 

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